Upland Workshop is a team of diverse, thoughtful, experienced professionals uniquely qualified to execute strategic communications.  We have worked with people, companies, and ideas at the forefront of changing business and culture.  

We are experienced in the most dynamic and complex industries: politics, private equity, venture capital, impact investing, sports, media, entertainment, gaming, technology, and consumer.  

We work with leaders on their personal and professional priorities.  We've produced original content across all mediums and platforms.  We've helped incubate and start businesses that are thriving and businesses that have failed.

Our organization is designed as a special situations communications advisory specializing in critical inflection points such as a company launch, new funding, IPO, M&A, restructuring, rebrand, crisis, high profile partnerships, and new initiatives aimed at market positioning.

Upland Workshop believes great strategic communications comes from diversity across the organization. The ideas, relationships, and opportunities we source and how we execute is a product of our collective experiences. Our work is a reflection of our team. For more information on the organization, you can reach us via e-mail using the button below.

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